GASP stands for: Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

There was a plugin released for WordPress (G.A.S.P. Plugin) some time ago that did a great job at preventing WordPress comment spam by automated spambots. (The WordPress Shield Security plugin has integrated a much-improved version of this for comments protection).

It worked by adding a check box to the comments form that was generated using Javascript. Since most automated bots don't process/render Javascript, they couldn't check the checkbox in the form.  Therefore, all comments submitted were easily rejected by the server since the checkbox wasn't present.

GASP Protection on the login screen works in exactly the same manner.

Enabling this option will place a checkbox on the login screen:

How to enable this protection on your login form

To enable GASP protection on your login form, you'll need to select login form first, and then enable Bot Protection feature:

What does this feature protect me from?

It protects you against brute force login attacks from spambots that can't process javascript on the login page (which is most of them).

If the server-side checks doesn't find this checkbox present, it'll reject the login process altogether.

Applications of this feature

There is no reason not to enable this feature. It has minimal impact on the logging-in user and is reliable in preventing automated login attempts to your site.

To learn more how to add GASP protection to the WordPress login screen, read our blog article here.