If you have Google Authenticator set for your user account but you are unable to log into your site (for any reason), you can reset Google Authenticator for your user account by following these steps:

  1. Disable Shield's features by creating "forceoff" file. Please follow the guide outlined in the article here
  2. Log into your site
  3. Go to Login Guard module => 2FA-Google Authenticator and make sure that Google Auth system for your WordPress site is enabled
  4. Go to your WordPress profile page to disable Google Authenticator for your user account, and then save
  5. Go to your FTP manager and remove "forceoff" file
  6. Go back to your WordPress profile page to configure Google Autheticator for your user account (scan the QR code and enter your current Google Auth app code). Please see here.

If you're able to log into your site and you just want to reset it, please follow the above steps 3. 4, 6 only.

Important: If you have your IP whitelisted with Shield, you will not be able to see Google Autheticator settings within your user profile page. Before proceeding with steps 4, 5, 6, please go to IP Manager and make sure your IP is not whitelisted. Please see here.