Shield Security Dashboard is designed to be 1st place any site administrator will go to, in order to

  • learn of any issues that they need to take care of
  • fix security issues before they impact the site
  • easily filter through the information they need, and take steps and actions based on that information

Note: This is only available for sites running PHP 5.4 and above.

Security Dashboard can be accessed from the main Shield menu:

It's divided into the following sections:

  • Settings - plugin configuration
  • Overview - provides the following information:
    • Shield's summary stats - some important counters/stats are displayed that shows how many major events Shield has handled in its lifetime (i.e. total login attempts blocked, total SPAM comments blocked...)
    • Security notices - a real-time insight of the potential security issues on your site
    • Recent Events Log - will list the last known recorded incident for many common events that Shield Security handles.
  • Scans - a dedicated area for site scans where you can see all your scan results and take actions there and then to fix anything that needs work. Scanners available in this section are:
    • WordPress Core Files scanner
    • Unrecognised Core Files scanner
    • Plugin/Theme Guard scanner
    • Plugin/Theme Vulnerabilities scanner
  • IP Lists- use this section to
    • review/manage IP blacklist
    • review/manage IP whitelist
  • Audit Trail- use this section to access your audit trail logs. You can also filter logs by
    • Context, IP address, username and if a user has logged in or not
  • Users - review your site user sessions, and terminate any session at any time if you feel it’s not valid. You can also filter sessions by
    • IP address and username
  • Traffic - review your site traffic and filter records by
    • IP address, what page/path contains, response HTTP code, username, if a user has logged in or not, and transgression.
  • Notes - plan and note your site activities
  • Import/Export- create your security network - import options
    • from file
    • from site
  • Pro - use this section to activate/check your Shield Pro license, or upgrade to Pro.
  • Plugin Configuration Summary - summary of the main operational components of the plugin including 
    • Positive security settings - enabled plugin options
    • Potential warnings - disabled plugin options you may want to review
    • Potential danger - disabled plugin options that should be enabled
    • Information - various useful information, i.e. your IP address source, reporting email address, etc.

There are also useful links to the appropriate options.

Additionally, you may read the latest plugin release changes