The Audit Trail monitors key activities on your site and records events as they happen. Since many things can happen on a site we need a way to group these activities, and to achieve this we created “Contexts”.

Contexts, in relation to the Audit Trail, are large areas of the WordPress system within which certain groups of actions may fall.

To get insight of the 20 most recent Audit Trail events on your WordPress site, you should make sure that Audit Trail and contexts are enabled first. Please see here.

And then, simply select the Insights tab from the main Shield menu. You will be presented with the dashboard where you can see the Recent Audit Trail Entries section. 

Here you’ll be able to see the last 20 entries in the Audit Trail without having to load the entire Audit Trail section:

Apart from the insight of the most recent Audit Trail events, Insights dashboard also provides the other useful data. Read more about this here.